Urban Fitness League World Cup flexes in Coney Island

January 17, 2020In News1 Minutes

CONEY ISLAND – Athletes from the United States and abroad took part in the Urban Fitness League World Cup in Coney Island this Fourth of July.

It was Team USA against a world team consisting of athletes from China, Brazil and Belgium and other countries. Each contestant performed a fitness act and was judged on a point system.

While the event may not have drawn the crowd present at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, its competitors were no less impressive. Instead of chewing down hot dogs, they were pulling up every ounce of their body.

The exercise movement emphasizes calisthenics and grew out of urban jungle gyms, giving fitness enthusiasts a chance to work out anytime, anywhere.

About Urban Fitness League

Urban Fitness League (UFL) is a new professional sports league providing a dynamic convergence of extreme calisthenics, style and music. Launching in 2018 with franchises based in major North American cities, the UFL is managed by CEO Ben Sturner, President of Leverage Agency, along with seasoned sports executives Frank Supovitz of Fast Track Events and formerly of the NFL and NHL, and former National Lacrosse League Commissioner George Daniel. More information can be found at UFLpro.com.